Please read this document carefully

[2013-02-09] 1.50Patch0209
1. New script command, click question mark to open task dialoge: ClickQuestionMark() for more info check the Script Manual

[2011-10-04] 1.15
1 New script command SendMail, for more info read the script manual
2 Add new feature: auto receive mail, in Misc-Page

[2011-09-30] 1.12
1 Auto input safe code. (after login, safe code input window still exists, just leave it alone)
2 New script commands: NotObtainEXP, NotObtainMoney, PlaySound, you can find detail in script page

[2011-09-03] 1.11
1 Pick-up item: more efficient, fixed bug that do not pick sometimes
2 New Judgement script: CharInRange(Char), Judge is the char in the botting range, * represents anyone.
3 New Script command: CallScriptFile(ScriptFileName), load other scipt files to continue run
4 Update script command: Action2(ActionId,Tag1,Tag2), all pet relative action can all be executed by this command,
    for ActionId, Tag1, Tag2, can obtain by recording pet actions one time
4 Fixed logout after auto login with some machines BUG
5 Fixed script bug of Npc Dialogue
6 Fixed multi-account auto relogin problem
7 Fixed IGManager conflict with IG problem
8 Auto Learn Skills: more efficient. You can set black/white skillId list: only auto learn specified skills or not learn specified skills
    (If this feature cause disconnect, write an email to customer service email)

[2011-08-25] 1.10
1 For korean servers updates, support fishing
2 Scipt: add 'option' page: can set NPC/Char related script command exec mode, MOVETO() command recording mode
3 Partly fixed not-pick-item bug when using pets
4 Fixed polygon fighting area setting problem

[2011-08-15] 1.09
1 Pet: Can use all special skills of pet on monsters
2 Script: New script command SetLoginInfo, for more info check script manual
3 Misc: New option: Accurate record MOVETO() while recording scripts
4 Attention: In SefAid Panel, there are some skills not need select self 1st, so do not check 'select self' option. this can save CPU and bandwidth, and more efficient

[2011-08-12] 1.08
1 Pet Auto Call Setting: You can do not define pet-name, double-click list can change enable/disable option
2 Info Setting: Double clicked: first select, then move to target
3 Auto learn skill: more efficient
4 Improve Korean language UI

[2011-08-07] 1.06
1 Pet Setting: Make better feature: use special skill on monster
2 New script commands: ForceSkill ExchangeItem Action2 , for detail information check script manual
3 Add Auto-Learn-New-Skills feature, in Misc setting
4 More efficient : When team-leader use skill to start attacking a monster, memebers will follow attack immediately

[2011-08-05] 1.05
1 Pet: Max Pet+Summon Count Set. Note: Same Pet Name may have different NpcId. NpcId is in the last column
2 New script command: NpcDlg2, for detail information check script manual
3 Fixed EXP Statistic BUG, Fixed Crystal Item BUG
4 IG Caption show ‘ServerId, Act, CharName’. IG Task Caption only show 'Act, CharName'

[2011-08-03] 1.03
1 Fully support multi pet/summons. support pet using special skill on mob
2 Reduce CPU and Memory cost
3 In Policy Window->Script->Record: when record script, BOT will give more detail info

[2011-08-02] 1.02
1 Support auto-call-multi-pet
HowToUse: use bot login game, manual call pets, then you can use dropdownList to choose pet, add to List
2 Support activities
3 make IGManager better: auto-login-game and auto-start-botting

[2011-08-01] 1.01
1 Tw, Jp may not check 'Load GameGuard', NA, Kr must check 'Load GameGuard'
2 Add IG-Patch-Auto-Login [IGManager]
3 Info page show more info
4 Increase new script command: social action: Action(ActionId) SayHi-0 Win-1 Atk-2 Yes-3 No-4
  Salute-5 Think-6 Wait-7 Smile-8 Clap-9 Dance-10 Sorrow-11 誘惑-12 Shame-13 對拜-14 Fist-15
  DualDance-16 Wed-17 挑撥-18 Show-19
5 IG Increase feature: Auto-Login Delay, solve multi-accounts login at same time problem
6 Improve script-engine, make script command like 'moveto' more efficient
7 Pet: option of auto fight back bad pets of other players
8 解決法師給隊友寵物加HP問題,解決職業之力無法使用的問題
9 Script add debug info output window
10 New script command: sudden skill: UseSkill3(skillname[Id=xxx])